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Studio Craft Artist T. Azura holds a BFA in Craft from the Oregon College of Art and Craft, with focus on Metals and Fiber Arts. She founded “Azura”, her private Studio, in 2007, where she creates small sculpture, housewares, and adornment for local galleries and markets, as well as an exclusive selection of five works per season here onlne in the studio shop.



“I feel that Craft is essential to the elevation of Humanity, Healing, and Spiritual connection. In my work, I apply traditional Craft skill to the language of Visual Art, creating 'Art of Craft'." ~T. Azura


Azura Craft is a multidisciplinary studio where Fine Craft technique and Traditional Art practices are woven together. Specializing in hand hammer forming copper and brass, natural dye cultivation and use, textile design, and off loom bead weaving.




The mission of Azura Craft is to promote Craftsmanship and Artistic Expression.

Inspiration is most frequently drawn from the inner world, and the patterns and teachings of Nature.